Day 1 Arriving in Bangkok 27th March part 2

And so we travelled through the crowded polluted streets of Bangkok with tuk tuks and motorbikes weaving in and out as if we were in some giant moto grand prix.  The buildings were mostly concrete and uninspiring so when we finally got to our hotel it seemed like paradise.  A smart porter dressed in a red suit complete with cap and gold buttons took our things and escorted us to reception.  We remeembered to tip him as our guide book said.  Tipping is big over here.  After checking in we helped ourselves to a free cup of tea while I asked the waitress what the Thai word for thank you was – ‘kar koon kap’ (ka at end for women).  She seemed deighted that I asked!  The first thing I noticed in the hotel was a strange smell in the air – its difficult to describe but it was a kind of tropical heat smell – musty and humid.  Cat said she’d experienced something similar in Egypt. 
Our room was a welcome relief – cooled from the air conditioning and spacious.  By the end of the day the room was a tangle of clothes lines full of knickers and bras.  We just stayed in our room that night not wanting to venture out – we were all a bit scared I guess.  I mean – just what were we going to do with all this time.  12 months.  £5,000 each.  It was almost too much to take in.  Later on we ventured down to the restaurant and had fried chicken – not very adventurous I know – gentle steps!!  But the service was amazing – everyone was waiting on us and took our plates as soon as we had finished.  Everyone smiled as well and seemed really friendly.  Was this just the hotel or was all Bangkok like this – we’d find out soon enough. 
We wandered back to our lovely cool room.  I slept very well unlike Cat who didn’t sleep at all – she was worried it would always be like this.  Both Suzanne and Cat were already very homesick but I was feeling fine. So now it was just a case of getting out of our hotel and actually see what Bangkok had to offer…. easy peasy … ?

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