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Day 2 27 March Time to explore Bangkok pt 2

So after finding the river terminal we looked for a boat – the first tour guide offered us a ride for about 300 baht but we noticed a local ferry only charging 8 baht – just shows never take thr first offer or be pressured into anything. We got off at Tho Tien and walked to Wat Po. Here we a friendly lecturer from the main uni. ‘So how dyu 40 degree heat and 100% humidity?’ he asked grinning. We said it was fine and after chatting a while he offered us a tour of the city for 30 baht. Is everyone in Bangkok a tour guide?! But we thought what the hell – this was before the film Hostel was made…

Our first stop was the Golden Mount – a huge chedi at the top of a hill. From the top we had magnificent views of the sprawling mass known as Bangkok. It seems inconceivable that they could build something of this size so high up. Back at the bottom a tuk tuk driver took us to Wat Saket. If you hadn’t guessed by now Wat means temple 🙂 This particular temple was filled with golden statues of Buddha in different poses. In the central temple we had to take our shoes off. The walls were decorated with murals and depictions of Buddha. In one corner a man was painstakingly restoring some of the paintwork.

After having a good look around we went back to the driver who drove us to a place where you could buy tailor made suits very cheaply. We had been warned about these places – its a bit of a con and the suits aren’t always the best quality. Many backpackers feel obliged to buy a suit. But seriously why would I want to carry a suit in my backpack for the next 12 months! So we politely said no thanks – there was no pressure on us at all to buy anything.

We then went back to the hotel via the tuk tuk and ferry. Tomorrow we would finally make our way to Kao San Road – the main backpacking drag in the city. Goodbye air conditioned hotel!!

Day 2 27th March Time to Explore Bangkok Pt 1

Ferry to Wat Po

After a full breakfast of eggs and bacon we finally left the hotel.  The first thing that hit me was the humidity – from the coolness of the hotel it was like hitting a brick wall.  My older brother gave me a bit of advice about the heat – he said just accept it.  If you go around complaining about it the heat will get to you and you won’t enjoy yourself.  Just drink plenty of water.  So that’s what I tried to do for the next 3 months in South East Asia.
We found the city’s monorail and got on board and from there our aim was to get a ferry and explore some of the city’s temples.  It was clean and air conditioned – almost too nice to get off.  We made it to our first destination – a place called Saphan Taksin but didn’t know how to get to the ferry stop. Again our map was found wanting.  Once we had worked out which side of the river we were on – always a good start – we tried to take a short cut down a rather scruffy road.  It came to a dead end – all eyes were on us as we walked back.  This street was terribly dirty with numerous broken down cars.  One had no wheels and was literally crammed full of rubbish. 

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